June 24, 2020

Best Hamburger on St Simons Island

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Looking for the Best Hamburger In the Golden Isles?

We’ve gathered up a list of the Best Places to Get Hamburgers on St Simons Island, Jekyll & Brunswick, GA

Restaurant Guide to the Best Hamburgers on St Simons Island and surrounding area

While St. Simons, Jekyll Island and all of the Golden Isles are known for their fresh Wild Georgia shrimp and seafood, one thing seems evident, people here love their hamburgers. We have access to some of the best local, farm-raised beef in the state, so it seems only fitting that we do a post about the Best Hamburger on St Simons Island and surrounding area.

Whether you ‘re a foodie who loves exotic, fancy burgers with the kitchen sink piled on top, or you are some what of a traditionalist who likes the basics, we have something just for you! Some of the best hamburgers on St Simons and surrounding area can be found in some of the smallest, unsuspecting places in all of the Golden Isles.

We will start with St. Simons and venture across the river to Brunswick and beyond. So put your fat pants on and buckle up, we are about to satisfy that craving for the best burger in the Golden Isles.

These are in no particular order because folks around here are pretty loyal to their favorite burger joints and I don’t want to start a fight.

****COVID-19 UPDATE**** Most restaurants are still operating with restrictions and staff shortages, so be sure to call ahead and check out the status before you head out***Please be kind to all the men and women who are doing their best and tip big!.


Zuzu's-Best-hamburger-on-St. Simons Island-The Island Directory


119 Mallory Street • Pier Village • St. Simons Island • (912)638-8655


Our first stop on our Best Hamburger on St Simons Island tour is ZuZu’s. Located in the heart of Pier Village in a small hole-in-the-wall is the home of our favorite Pimento Cheese-burger. You heard me right. Pimento Cheese on top of a flat-topped  grilled burger cooked to perfection. Let’s just pause here for a moment and think about that. And if the burgers weren’t divine in and of themselves, those hand-cut fries will make you slap your mama! The cutie, who was my lunch date had a grilled hot-dog that had the perfect snap to it when bitten . Zuzu’s also has a great selection of hand-dipped ice creams as well as the best lemonade on the planet. They have an extensive menu of sandwiches, burgers, dogs and appetizers. Check out the full menu here.

Best Hamburger on St Simons Island-Sandcastle-cheeseburger-The Island Directory
Sandcastle Cafe & Grille

Sandcastle Café and Grille

117 Mallory Street • Pier Village • St. Simons Island • (912)638-8883


Just next door is Sandcastle Café and Grille. Locals know this place best for their breakfast menu and buffet but their burger is pretty darn good too. Served a top a giant kaiser roll, this burger is quite the mouth full. It too is cooked on the flat-top grill and covered in cheddar cheese and bacon. Let’s talk about the bacon for a minute! It takes this burger to a sublime level of deliciousness. The bacon is thick and has hints of sweet and hickoryness. It was actually too big for me to finish. If beef isn’t your thing, as with most of our local restaurants, they serve fresh daily catches and  Wild Georgia Shrimp. Be sure to come back for breakfast, you won’t want to miss that. Check out their full menu here. *Pet Friendly on the porch.

Best Hamburger on St Simons Island-Brogen's-South-Cheeseburger-The Island Directory
Brogen’s South


Brogen’s South

200 Pier Alley • Pier Village • St. Simons Island • (912)638-1660


Next on our tour of the Best Hamburger on St Simons Island is Brogen’s South. If you ask most people on the island where their favorite burger joint is, you would probably get arguments between Zuzu’s and Brogen’s South as their local favorite. Brogen’s is just across the parking lot from Zuzu’s and Sandcastle and is a favorite among locals for college football game day. In the spring and fall this is the best place to enjoy a burger and beer while enjoying the view on the porch. Brogen’s burgers differ from their neighbor’s in that they grill their burgers on an open flame. You can smell it all over the pier. My favorite burger  is bacon-cheddar burger. The burger is 6oz. of 100% USDA lean ground beef, chargrilled to perfection. I had the steak fries cooked crispy. This along with the view makes this a premier destination for travelers. You can find their full menu here. **Pet Friendly on the Porch**

Best Hamburger on St Simons Island-Frosty's-griddle-shakes-cheeseburger-the island directory
Frosty’s Griddle and Shakes

Frosty’s Griddle & Shakes

501 Mallery Street • Pier Village • St. Simons Island  • (912)434-9509


Just down the street from the 3 other Pier Village restaurants is Frosty’s Griddle & Shakes. The name alone is enough to make your mouth water. From the masters at Southern Soul Barbeque, Frosty’s is an experience all to itself. It’s a trip back at the 70’s, Frosty’s has soft serve ice cream, shakes, sundaes and splits. But what they are loved for is the Smashed-Griddled Burger Stacks, hotdogs, and fried chicken. The double stack deluxe with their special sauce and toasted bun alone is worth the trip to St. Simons island. Frosty’s is more fast-food than the others, You can grab it to-go or dine in. You can find their entire menu here. **Pet Friendly

Best Hamburger on St Simons Island-Southern-Soul-Barbeque-Cheeseburger-The Island DIrectory
Southern Soul

Southern Soul Barbeque

2020 Demere Road • Round-a-Bout • St. Simons Island  • (912)638-7685


Located mid-island in an old gas station, SSBBQ team is best known for their award winning barbeque, and generous community support, Southern Soul makes the most incredible locally, farm raised Hunter Cattle beef griddled burger. Served with Mississippi comeback sauce, & fixins’ this burger will make you want to forget all about barbeque. Of course, you have to try the barbeque, but get them to pack it to-go so you can experience it at home. My favorite side is the hand-cut fries. Wednesdays are the best day to visit as they have burger of day specials. You can check out their entire menu here. **Pet Friendly**

Best-Hamburger-St Simons-Demere-Grill-The Island Directory
Demere Grill

Demere Grill

2463 Demere Road, St. Simons Island, GA



Last on St Simons Island is Demere Grill. Located in the Shops at Demere, they are a casual style sports bar known for their wings. I have discovered they have the most amazing bacon-cheeseburger. Go ahead and order 2 patties because this smashed griddle cooked burger is kind of thin and you are going to want all the beefy goodness you can get. This made to order burger is served on a brioche bun which might just send it to the top of the list of faves. And did I mention that there was so much bacon that it was hanging off the plate? I ordered my favorite, sweet potato fries, Check out their menu here. Don’t want to leave your house or hotel, they deliver!

Best Hamburger on Jekyll Island

Wee-Pub-Best Hamburger on St Simons Island-Jekyll Island-The Island Directory
Wee Pub

Wee Pub South

20 Main Street, Unit 100, Jekyll Island, GA 31527   (912) 574-2337

Wee Pub North

267 VILLAGE at GLYNN PLACE, Brunswick, GA   (912) 265-3233


Located mid-island in Beach Village, Wee Pub is South Georgia’s version of a traditional Irish Pub. 3 time winner of the People’s Choice award and Best Desserts at the Taste of Glynn, they are known for their Irish fare. But make no mistake, The Wee Pub cooks the most delicious Angus Beef Burger on the Jekyll and Brunswick! Chargrilled and made to order. Build your own, choose the Black and Blue or try the Pub burger; served with black and tan beer-battered onion rings these sandwiches are large enough to share.  Served with House-made chips or Hand-cut fries any of these will surely satisfy your burger craving. Make sure to save room for the award-winning, homemade butter-pecan crusted bread pudding served with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream. Check out their full menu here.

Best Hamburger in Brunswick

Looking for the Best Hamburger in Brunswick?

Best Hamburger on St Simons Island-Brunswick-Macks-barbeque-the best hamburger in the golden isles-The Island Directory
Macks Barbeque

Mac’s Bar-be-que

6874 New Jesup Hwy, Brunswick, Georgia


Located out on Highway 341 in Sterling, Mac’s Bar-be-que is worth the few extra miles you have to go to get this incredible burger. Best known for their bar-be-que, Mac’s should change their name to Mac’s burger joint! Perfectly seasoned and hand-pattied, this burger is thick enough to feed the biggest beef craving! If the burger wasn’t enough to bring you to town, the battered fries will seal the deal and are certainly worth the trip alone!

Best-Burger-Willies-Wee-Nee-Wagon-The Island Directory
Willie’s Wee Nee Wagon

Willie’s Wee Nee Wagon

3599 Altama Ave, Brunswick, GA
(912) 264-1146

Don’t let the looks of this small hot dog stand fool you. A visit to Willie’s Wee Nee Wagon will certainly award you with one of my favorite all time cheeseburgers. Known for their Hot Dogs, prize winning Pork Chop sandwiches and sweet tea, Willie’s will surprise even the most serious, hardcore burger lover.  Served on a hoagie roll with lots of melted cheese and toppings, this griddle cooked delight will melt in your mouth. Go ahead and ask for the Big Willie cheese-burger so you can get extra patties. Cooked on a well seasoned flat top grill, this 3 napkin cheese-burger will certainly satisfy the most intense burger craving.

Tipsy McSways

Tipsy McSway’s

1414 Newcastle Street , Brunswick, 


Last, but not least on our tour of the Best Hamburger on St Simons Island and surrounding areas is Tipsy McSway, located in the heart of Historic Downtown Brunswick, this local’s favorite eatery never disappoints. Best known for their friendly staff and excellent food, there’s no surprise that the Tipsy Burger has been voted best hamburger by Trip Advisor for 7 years and counting. Served with bacon, onion ring, Monterey jack cheese and BBQ sauce, the Angus Beef, Tipsy Burger is a 3 napkin handful of yummy goodness. I usually get mine with house-made chips or hand-cut fries, but the fried potato salad is enough of a reason to try Tipsy’s. Be sure to visit their Facebook page for a schedule of live music and trivia nights. Check out their full menu here.

I had my favorites, but after trying all these new places, I’m just not sure anymore. I guess I will have to retry them all-for research purposes of course.

Make sure to let us know your thoughts and if you have a favorite spot that I haven’t been to yet, drop me a note and let me know.

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