July 6, 2020

Driftwood Bistro Named “Best of the Golden Isles”

Driftwood Bistro-The Best of the Golden Isles-Award-The Island Directory

Congratulations Driftwood Bistro for Being Named “Best of the Golden Isles 2020”

Driftwood Bistro Celebrates 11 Years Serving Fine Southern Food to Locals & Visitors of Jekyll Island

Best of the Golden Isles-restaurant-Driftwood Bistro-The Island Directory

Dan Dickerson has spent his life developing and operating restaurants. Before landing in the Golden Isles, Dan spent time in Atlanta developing and launching Rio Bravo Cantina then moved on to work with a colorful variety of entrepreneurs and restaurateurs. He is driven to provide a memorable  and affordable dining experience to every guest who comes through the door. Is obvious as soon as you meet Dan that his experience in the Army is what keeps the restaurant in tip top shape-instilling discipline and a clean process throughout the entire restaurant. The concept of Driftwood Bistro is a very successful example of the results of his leadership and vision. It is designed to be repeatable anywhere in the US. Not only as Driftwood Bistro been awarded Best of the Golden Isles for the past 2 years, they have also won the Cooper’s Craft Cocktail Challenge for their “JACK”YL “RYE”lander at the past two Whisky, Wine and Wildlife Events. Master Craftswoman, Bretta Van Bockel created the award winning cocktail to set them apart from the competition. 

Dan gives the credit for the success to his loyal staff and long-time customers. It’s clear through taste alone that Dan has put a lifetime of expertise into each plate that leaves the kitchen, making Driftwood Bistro an easy choice as the Island Directory’s “The Best of The Golden Isles 2020.”  Find their full menu and more about this fine family friendly restaurant by going to their  listing here. Be sure to leave them a review. 


Restaurant Location and Contact

1175 North Beachview Drive • Jekyll Island, Ga