Chadwick’s Jewelers on St. Simons Island

Locally Owned and Operated Family Jewelers

Conveniently Located in the Heart of St. Simons Island

Jewelry Repairs Done on Premises

If anything says “local” in the Golden Isles it is this second generation jewelry store. Add to that the fact they are the oldest single owner jeweler in Glynn County and you have Chadwicks. When Richard Heckle came to the area in 1980 he went to work for a local jeweler. It was not long before  Richard realized that in fact, he should be “the” local jeweler. Shortly thereafter, he opened his Chadwicks with the mission to do everything in house.

Today, Chadwicks continues this tradition with Richard’s daughter Shay at the Helm. From the days of Richard  making house calls-to be served on the very fine crystal he was being hired to appraise- to the outpouring of love the shop received following Richard’s  passing just last year, one thing is very clear: this place is all about the client/jeweler relationship. Shay says her clients have made her feel like they are family through their love and support of her business. Most days you can find Shay and daughter in the store helping customers. She believes in her business and wants to be able to pass it on to the next generation. Her love for her customers, friends and community are evident  in her generous donations to local events and fundraisers. We feel the love, too, at Island Directory and that is why we have chosen Chadwicks as our “Best of The Golden Isles 2020” winner.

Chadwick’s is a proud Brunswick Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce Member.

Contact Chadwick’s

205 Redfern Village • St. Simons Island, GA 31522


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    A. Greene

    I was blown away by the selection of 1 of a kind pieces at Chadwick’s. Shay really knows her precious stones and was able to help me redesign a new piece from some old jewelry that I didn’t wear anymore. My husband and I always shop at Chadwick’s.

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