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We are not an office that does aesthetics and anti-aging on the side. We specialize in this field and together have many years of training specifically in aesthetics and anti-aging medicine. Dr. Slack is board certified in both aesthetic and anti-aging medicine. She has completed medical training in New York, London and Orlando. Bianca is an aesthetics board certified, advanced registered nurse practitioner who has trained and practiced extensively in aesthetics. Bianca’s expertise is emphasized in her role as an aesthetics instructor who trains physicians and providers on injection techniques. However, Imber is much more than basic neuromodulators and fillers. Many of our treatment options are natural and cutting edge, having been offered in Europe but only recently available and FDA approved in the United States.

Imber values honesty and transparency and offers only the finest products and procedures that deliver obtainable and true results! Imber’s hand selected treatment menu ensures you are getting the most natural, effective, and long-lasting options.

Imber is super excited to have Sandi, our lifestyle coach, who specializes in complete well-being makeovers! Her coaching is great for all interested in understanding their body and its relationship to food, exercise, stress, supplements, and more. Too often the diet industry focuses on a pill, product, or plan that they present as a magic bullet for everyone. There is no one size fits all for nutritional guided weight loss so Sandi designs a custom plan for diet and training that is entirely tailored to each individual.

Understanding your diet history, triggers for eating, exercise habits, motivation and stressors is key to success. Understanding the importance of organic, clean, whole foods, optimal hydration, avoidance of environmental toxin exposure, weight training and cardio and minimizing sugar intake are key but can be a lot to take in at one time.

The pace of your journey will be monitored and guided by Sandi who will eliminate the overwhelming feelings that can come with adjustments and lead to backslides during the path towards change. The cause of weight gain is multifactorial and thus Imber provides a multimodal approach. Lifestyle coaching is a pivotal part in reaching and maintaining your goals!

Imber Medical is proud to announce the addition of EMSCULPT® to their menu of services. EMSCULPT is the only procedure to help both women and men build muscle & sculpt their body. Emsculpt creates the world’s first non-invasive buttock toning procedure for more information go to their website at‎  

Imber Medical is excited to be the only practice in the Golden Isles that offers EMSCULPT.

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    Lacey Cross

    I was worried about my crow’s feet and frown lines and Dr. Slack and her staff put me at ease. I was terrified of needles and would usually faint when I had any kind of procedure that involves them, but they knew exactly what to do to make me comfortable. I’m now able to get Botox without feeling like I’m going to pass out. I love the results and am sold on Imber Medical. Last week I had the new needle-free lip enhancer-something I would never had considered before because of the needles and pain. Their staff are all so kind and compassionate. Bianca is the best!!!!

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