To: The small businesses of the Golden Isles

Love: MSC

Marketing. Is. Confusing! Is it not? I mean, let me sum up what the industry as a whole is telling you:

“Social Media is the most important thing you can do for your business right now….”

“Search Engine Optimization! Don’t be a billboard in the dessert… It’s the most important thing you can do for your business right now…”

“Video Marketing… The WAVE of the future, It’s the most important thing you can do for your business right now.”

“Website, Email Nurturing Funnels, Content Marketing, Radio, TV, Outdoor advertising, Online events, Offline events, Marketing Automation, GA, GSC, ABM, KPIs, CRO, CRM, CMS… ALL are the most important things you can be doing for your business. RIGHT. NOW………”

Take a deep breath and relax… Now, imagine you’re building your dream house, and you tell all the contractors to show up at the same time, and that they all have to get to work RIGHT NOW…. Well, now you have the roofer building a roof when the walls aren’t complete… You have carpet being laid before a subfloor is down… AND OH, we forgot about the foundation! What do you think that house is going to look like? Are you going to be happy with it? Do you think it’s going to be a successful living situation?

Building a marketing “house” for your small business by listening to the industry hype, is exactly this scenario… The truth is, to build a house, you have to start with a blueprint… we call this a Marketing Strategy.

Marketing Strategy Coaches exists for this reason exactly… To provide executive level marketing help to small businesses… cutting through the noise and confusion, and providing clarity and confidence in building that marketing “house”. We’ve done this with hundreds of small businesses across virtually every industry by either teaching them how to build their own marketing strategy through our online courses or group coaching, or we just have one of our Executive Marketing Coaches build it for them in a 1-on-1 setting. Over the years, we’ve honed this Marketing Strategy Creation process down very, very effectively.

Our challenge to you is simple… don’t fall into the trap of building this marketing house out of order. You could have the best kitchen there ever was… but if it’s not surrounded by a house to support it, it won’t function much like a home… will it?

Start with the blueprint, build the strategy, and reap the rewards of good strategic marketing. If you need help, reach out and learn the many ways we help companies just like yours succeed and grow.