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Congratulations to Thrive for Being Named The Island Directory’s “Best of The Golden Isles 2019”

When Thrive opened their doors, they took the blueprint for senior living and threw it out the window. “We believe that if there is breath, there is purpose. We are a community where instead of being “put”, seniors thrive. We start with deep relationships because we understand that is where great care starts. We are different in that all levels of care are under the same roof. This means that just because an individual may have a change in the level of care needed, their daily life such as dining routines and activities do not have to be uprooted. But what is the best part of being a part of a community such as this? “The stories” says Ann Poysky. Finding out who they were, what they accomplished. And how the guys proposed – that’s always my favorite!”.

The Island Directory chose Thrive as the Golden Isles’ premier senior living facility not only for its outstanding record of care, but for the connections it supports within our community.  When care options are weighed for the ones we love the most, the Thrive community offers a peace of mind that stands out from the rest. Deep, personal relationships are built and nurtured and excellent care is the result.

” We look forward to spending many happy years supporting Thrive as they continue to provide priceless care to our seniors as well as giving them community, purpose, and a place where every box is checked, allowing them to truly Thrive. Thrive upholds a level of excellence that we are proud to feature as “The Best of The Golden Isles 2019.

Cast aside all of your preconceptions about senior living. We did when we created Thrive at Frederica. Everything here – and we mean everything—is geared to making this part of your life the new beginning of a grand adventure. At a place where your life has value. With team members who are more than just team members—they’re your friends, dedicated to your every need. Here, boredom has been banished, and replaced with opportunities to learn, places to explore, and new friends to meet.

Our community is more like a resort, nestled among century-old oaks, in the heart of Georgia’s Golden Isles.  We offer assisted living, memory care, and catered living (think Independent Living with more benefits). Come see us, but remember, visiting is easy. It’s leaving that’s tough.

Thrive is built upon the idea that older adults are one of the world’s most valuable resources. They are people with a host of abilities. Their lives were refined by a Depression, wars, and raising teenagers. Here they tell their stories, build new friendships and engage in other challenging pursuits. We believe they have earned the right to enjoy this season of life to its fullest.

Thrive is more than a company that builds living facilities. In fact, around here, we refer to facilities as ‘the f word’. We build communities where older adults come to live. That’s the Thrive way.


An age-restricted community designed for residents of a certain age, usually 50 or older.


Think of a cruise ship on land. Perfect for those who physically and mentally are doing great.


Ideal for older adults who need more care but still want to maintain a certain level of independence.


A type of assisted living for older adults with some form of diagnosed memory loss.


Short or long-term care for older adults requiring rehabilitation, or who suffer from serious health issues requiring complex medical services.


A type of care that focuses on the physical, spiritual and mental needs as well as pain issues of the chronically ill.

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3615 Frederica Rd, Saint Simons Island




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